from by Ruthless Ones



Mosh pits fun, Nik more ride and kick

Flip this one pon the musical disc
Ruthless Ones laying down some new shit

Oh the days are wild and the week is almost through
Weekend’s coming fast and we aint got shit to do

Lets go let’s get out of here I wanna fuck shit up
Ready to be the big dog but they say I’m just a pup
Feed, feed, feed I can’t take it anymore

Counting down the seconds then I’m busting out the door

It’s a crazy fucked up world standing on the fallin floor
The rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poor

Bust down Bruk Out Go! Go! Go!

I’m trynna rip and dip but he didn’t clear his bowl
Booze run, LC, Beer Store too

Its friday fuckin night cheers if you’re drinking too
Get to the party, pop the trunk
Yeah I ate some food but it was all junk

Like D double Dubs it’s Time to Win

Ruthless Ones! Let the drinking begin

[Pushing & Moshing] yo, back up man, I’m just trynna skank

[Ignorance, Impatience] You’re gonna feel the wrath of my shank

[Lootin, Disputin] It seems like our teenage moral code

[Drinking, Never Thinking] Tonight I’m staggering down the road

Easy streetcar riding as the streetlights go on

In the summer heat the heat of stress seems gone

I’m at the Riverdale Hill at night

With the romantic sight of Toronto city lights 


from That Static, released March 1, 2015
Written by
- Ian Robertson
- Evgeni Varakin


all rights reserved



Ruthless Ones Toronto, Ontario

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