That Static

by Ruthless Ones

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Andante 02:09
Mosh pits fun, Nik more ride and kick 
Flip this one pon the musical disc Ruthless Ones laying down some new shit Oh the days are wild and the week is almost through Weekend’s coming fast and we aint got shit to do 
Lets go let’s get out of here I wanna fuck shit up Ready to be the big dog but they say I’m just a pup Feed, feed, feed I can’t take it anymore 
Counting down the seconds then I’m busting out the door 
It’s a crazy fucked up world standing on the fallin floor The rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poor Bust down Bruk Out Go! Go! Go! 
I’m trynna rip and dip but he didn’t clear his bowl Booze run, LC, Beer Store too 
Its friday fuckin night cheers if you’re drinking too Get to the party, pop the trunk Yeah I ate some food but it was all junk 
Like D double Dubs it’s Time to Win 
Ruthless Ones! Let the drinking begin [Pushing & Moshing] yo, back up man, I’m just trynna skank 
[Ignorance, Impatience] You’re gonna feel the wrath of my shank 
[Lootin, Disputin] It seems like our teenage moral code 
[Drinking, Never Thinking] Tonight I’m staggering down the road
 Easy streetcar riding as the streetlights go on
 In the summer heat the heat of stress seems gone
 I’m at the Riverdale Hill at night
 With the romantic sight of Toronto city lights 

3 Day Tale 03:26
Last Friday night, I cant remember but Ill try I think there was a fight, my followers they cried It started off with love but it ended out in blood On my feet and my hands proving that Im a man Carry him to that tomb of a room Leave him there for his own doom My fathers hes so proud of me But apparently he only speaks to thee Out silent Saturday, my mind was astray In my bed I laid, no attention was paid Just me in my head, I thought theyd come and check But instead they all thought I was dead Sunday I rose like the rising sun 3 days come and the three days have gone Now Im looking for fun until the crack of dawn You may not give a damn but people praise Who I am, Im the tale that stands Singing Louie Louie, enjoy yourself cause its later then yah think In funky Kingston (too much pressures gonna drop on you) Singing Rudy Rudy, it’s a message to you Cause nobody knows that the Rude Boys outta jail Cause the harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all (smash their heads in cause they aint got nothing in them) Do you believe I would take something with me and give it to police and thieves, 
I wouldn’t do that, no I wouldn’t do that (disco devil) And if I did that I would say "yo
 those drugs don’t belong to me, they belong to Oh Dee; he’s the one with the goatee" (give em power)
 54 46 was my number, right now somebody else has that number (bam bam diom bam bam bam) 
54 46 was my number, right now somebody else has that number No no, you don’t love me and now I know now (Everyday I love her just a little bit more)
 No no, you don’t love me and now I know now (yelling in my ear youre trying to control me) So youre wondering what to do, now you know that this is the end Give it to me 3 times
I hope I run into you.
That Static 02:14
If I couldnt than I wouldnt - Of course you wouldnt cause you couldnt But it gives my life meaning - Just stop it youre depressed Im fiending for that feeling but I could stop at anytime Your thesis is pointless, its lacking content Another dose hit sip, Im in need of bliss Or just a little fix baby, just a little kick Your morals, not mine, youre talking outta line And besides Im trying to get outta my mind Well I gotta get away - Away from your problems Hit the ground running - We've heard it all before Coming home at 2am hammered outta my mind It seems like youre coming home hammered all the time Holding down the choke, I ease the grip Trying real hard to stay positive A steady decline, a new place to find In time Ill be fine and outta my mind Right back at it, the hypocritic fanatic Its the same old habbits from the static talkin addict Sure I wanna listen but I got no suprise Cause everything you just sounds like a lie


Produced by Chris Wardman
Funded by Factor
Recorded at Lincoln County Social Club
"That Static" logo by Hendrix Turgeon-Mannion


released March 1, 2015

Murry Robe: Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Evgeni Varakin: Guitar/Organ/Vocals
Nik Robe: Drums/Tambourine & Shakers & Shit


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Ruthless Ones Toronto, Ontario

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