Dat Ass

by Ruthless Ones

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Demo Tracks


released August 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Ruthless Ones Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Natty Treble
Soul rebel a wanna be natty rebel
Turn up the bass and turn up the treble (HEY)

Too many acts of introspection
Ands its setting course on his depression.
From a bad bruk to a bruk out
He'll find his way out, I have no doubt.
Hardships that mold his mind
Cause he's the tormented kind.
But he's just a kid, learning from his mistakes
And I think he's got what it takes.

Slipping in and its hard to see he light,
No matter how hard he tries, or how hard he fights.
Its getting tighter around his neck like a noose.
Its getting tighter, and he cant shake it loose.
He's getting delt a shitty hand,
But in his life he's got to play the game.
As long as he avoids the third rail,
Im confident he will not fail.

Sky father shakes his dandruff on me
Its getting thick its getting hard to see
Slippin in, lack of vitamin D
Is this reality? It can not be
Tombstones are rotting no memory
Of the way they use to be
People speculating, people saying why me?
Self induced pain and self induced shame
Is this reality, it can not be.

-Ian Robertson
Track Name: Big Eye
(Its typical its despicable big brother is here)

Watch out, Big Brothers watching me and you.
Whats the common man supposed to do?
Is our destiny never to know what's true?
We're part of the mass, slaving for the few
Cause the few got the money
and the few got the power
Can you smell it? I think the milks gone sour
Don't mess with it, just run away and coeur
Or maybe its time we "let fury have the hour"

I can see the fools gold
Get rich to live happy is what Im told
Im not too blind to see, thats not the life for me

Part of the few that wants to get ahead
We stomp on the week until they are dead
Cause we gotta get that money and we gotta get rich
If you're gonna buy your daughter
Abercrombie & Fitch
But Id rather be a hobo in a dirty ditch
Saving for value village.
Thats right, I wouldn't mind
Cause irie is what Im trying to find

Put up your hands, give in to the big eye
He's greedy for the money and he's trying to be sly
The chickens are rollin' on the assembly line
But eat the meat I hear it taste just fine
As the concrete rises, so does their wallet sizes
Toxins in the waters, Million animals slaughtered
Nobody gives a fuck,
Do anything just to make that buck.
-Ian Robertson
Track Name: Emmortal
Coming from the edge of the golden horseshoe,
Don't fuck with me if you don't like the Dark Bros Crew.
Im trying my best to not think about stress,
But in my life Im gettin every single test.
Im getting bored, I cause shit, I cant stop,
Cause idle hands is the devil's workshop.
Bustin rhymes is our collective action.
We analyze each rhyme to get some satisfaction.

The beats are immortal we pass a torch through the portal.
These and more tracks that'll make you go mental.
This is just a taste of the Ruthless Ones.
Waitin until we go off like a bomb.

A bomb going out to the whole human race,
Except for the ones that I just disgrace.
Living in the city but it aint sunny.
Im a low down and greasy, dont got no money.
But I wont stop, i shouldn't stop I cant stop,
Until I reach the highest, Im on the top.
Im condition to my addiction of the blood that poors brown
I cant get paid Im too afraid the kings not getting crowned.

Oh, I cant take it anymore so I take the 64,
I go up to Main Station to release my frustration.
I don't know where to go
Yo Elliot Bring the motha fuckin ruckus

Ruthless Ones Aint nothin to fuck with
Ruthless Ones Aint nothin to fuck with
Ruthless Ones Aint nothin to fuck with
Ruthless Ones Aint nothin to fuck with

Yo my name is Elliot, you may have seen me around
In scarborough, the beaches or maybe uptown.
Blastin in my speakers that rock steady sound.
Smoke a pound and say something profound.
Like: What's on my mind is whats in my head.
Too much crime and i'll end up dead.
I got no money that I can spend.
'Cause it ain't always sunny in the east end.

Alex G
Rest In Peace
Oh Shit...

Coming back from that attack
Aint shitty how we act.
Ruthless One's are coming through
Step aside don't spill your brew.
You're my boy and that is that.
Brotherhood is how we act.
Punch for punch, grin for grin
Explosive shit we pull the pin .
Sitting back drinking beer.
Not a thing for us to fear.
Starting shit at the door,
You'll find yourself laid on he floor.
Smoking blunts untill the top.
We aint' eva' gonna stop.
Keep it simple, always know
RUTHLESS is the way to go.

Ian Robertson - Elliot Seibert - Evgeni Varakin

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